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Hi Mark
My name is Geoff and I’m writing from Australia.
I just watch your video on the process of Chrome plating the Bortz air cleaner.
I’ve felt like writing to say thanks for putting together the process video.
I’ve always wondered how the process works and was surprised on the many steps involved.
I also watch with respect the amount of detail your crew puts into their work. They seem to have a great deal of respect for the clients parts and handle the pieces carefully..

You seem to make the clients very happy and your attention to detail is impressive. Something quite a few in business these days care little about.

If I lived in the states I would definitely be sending you parts off my rebuild.
Anyway just wanted to say I was very impressed with the video and your work.
Hope you are doing well in business with the current world pandemic

Cheers and keep up the good fight..

Your respectfuly
Geoff Norman

Holy smokes. Just wow. Blown away. Can’t wait to see it in the sun. Since there is more metal on the frame than the swing arm… more satin bling! Just an amazing job. I know it was a ton of work for you, but this was the look I sought after, and you captured it.
Thank you again Sir.
Rob Catanese

Hi Mark, Boy you gave me a good surprise Tuesday. Received the parts that were rechromed and polished. Mark, got to say what amazing crew you have and the awesome craftsmanship they perform. Plus, the chemicals they have to deal with every day. My parts just look awesome and the amazing quality of work that goes into each item. All I can say is thank you again and the amazing service you provide for a lot of customers.
Thank You
Tim Billingsley

“When you want all factory detail, when you want the part to fit like new, have the Finishing Touch finish your bright metal parts – plated, anodized, or polished.”
Bill William C. “Bill” Anderson, P.E. Anderson Automotive Enterprises

“The chrome plating done by Mark and the team at Finishing Touch is second to none! Every single piece is absolutely perfect, not even a screw or fastener is ever lost or sub-standard. Working with someone that knows the cars and process of assembling them and returning the pieces in the order I need them to re-assemble is invaluable on a big restoration. They bent over backwards to meet deadlines that other shops would never think of and with a finish they couldn’t have gave me with twice the time. Lots of chrome shops make promises, Mark and his team deliver! ”
Michael Rhodes Director – Automobile Portfolio Evergreen Historic Automobiles Lebanon, MO

“Working with The Finishing Touch has been a pleasure. Our extreme deadline needs were met and their work is of high quality. We were given very personal attention. We would recommend their services to anyone, especially classic car owners.”
Best, Debbie and Rich Fass Stone Barn, Inc.

“We at Harbor Auto Restoration have been working with The Finishing Touch for many years and plan on many more years to come. When we receive our parts back we are always totally satisfied with the finished product. We feel we have a great relationship with them and we can always count on them getting the job done right the first time. Great job to all.”
Thank you from all of us, Harbor Auto Restoration

“The workmanship and professionalism of The Finishing Touch is extraordinary. The work on the 1935 Pierce-Arrow, 1939 LaSalle, and other classics was incredible. We are always extremely pleased with their work!”   
Ken Stadele – Ken’s Klassics

“We received our first batch of chrome from The Finishing Touch. FINALLY CHROME DONE RIGHT! Excellent fit and finish, great packaging and organization. The quality of work will save us a lot of time and our customers love the end result. BEST CHROME AND PREP WE HAVE EVER SEEN!”   
Harry Nicks – Nicks Old Car Specialty

“After 35 years in the vintage automobile business I thought there were no surprises left, but The Finishing Touch surpassed my expectations in quality, customer service and timing. It was a pleasure to deal with them. Their quality control is excellent!”
Joe Leweck – Vintage Legendary Fine Automobiles

“Besides Chicago Restorations, The Finishing Touch is the best in the Midwest. Quality that is perfect with every detail. The best chrome for classic cars. I give him an A+.”   
George Kovanda – Chicago Restorations

“The Finishing Touch, in my opinion, is the elite of the chroming industry, providing top notch, superior craftsmanship, and I would recommend them for all of your chroming and polishing.”   
Paul Quinn – Midwest Hot Rods

“Mark at The Finishing Touch has been the only person I go to for Pebble Beach quality show chrome. He always gets the job done with the highest quality possible, regardless of the difficulty of the project.”  
Fran Roxas – Vintage Motor Group

“I just wanted to thank you again for the unbelievable Nickel job on the 1924 Marmon. The once painted radiator shell alone belonged in a junk yard; but you fixed the dents, rotten areas, and poor brazing to transform it into a winner! All evidence of the bad 70’s chrome job disappeared and the brightwork looks like fine jewelry. Thank you again for a job well done!”
Brad Janousek – Janousek Classic Restorations

“We have been using The Finishing Touch for years. Here at Barnes Classic Restorations we only allow the best products and services used on the Show Cars we restore. The work done at The Finishing Touch is excellent. We are always asked when showing a car we’ve restored ‘Who did your chrome?’ and we recommend TFT. The detail work and craftsmanship is exceptional.”   
Lee Barnes – Barnes Classic Restorations

“We have used The Finishing Touch’s work in a few restoration projects, including a 1953 Buick Skylark, and the chroming came out beautifully. Not only were they professional and prompt in dealing with our requests, the detail in the work is just outstanding as well. I would not hesitate to recommend The Finishing Touch to anyone who needs refinishing work!”   
Ron Walsh – Bump City Auto Body

“When you’re looking for QUALITY chrome plating or stainless steel/aluminum polishing, contact Mark and his crew at THE FINISHING TOUCH. Their finished products are considered WORKS of ART.”   Mark Klopack – Hot Rod Auto Body

“The quality of The Finishing Touch’s work in the high-end automotive trim department is unsurpassed. I have never been disappointed and will continue to use The Finishing Touch for all of our critical plating and polishing needs.”   
Stephen Murphy – Chicago Vintage Motor Carriage

“Only the very best quality and final plated pieces are used in our shop. The Finishing Touch always exceeds our expectations. In an industry that dictates you get what you pay for, The Finishing Touch delivers the craftsmanship, pride and perfection in their work every time.”   
Mike Ardito and Jon Markese – Tripower Automotive

“Over the past 25 years in the restoration industry , we have utilized several specialty platers. We have chosen to use TFT almost exclusively, due to your attention to detail, and willingness to satisfy our high expectations and job challenges. We appreciate your fine work in the industry.”   
Craig Hillinger – The Healey Werks

“We have been doing business with Mark and his staff at The Finishing Touch for years. In our shop, we demand only the best products and workmanship that is available for our projects and with The Finishing Touch, I know we will always receive that quality. Their chrome and stainless work stands in a class by itself on the show field, as it did on our class winner at Pebble Beach. Mark always works with us in a timely manner to make sure our deadlines are met. Truly a winner in our shop.”   
Kevin Westmorland – Performance Restorations

“Our shop has been doing business with The Finishing Touch Inc. since 2004. From the simplest piece to the most complex piece the attention to detail and perfection is never compromised. Simply said, they are one of the best.”   
Denny and Kim Harms – Harms Distinctive Restorations

“Just a quick note thanking you and your staff for all the wonderful work you have done for me this past year. As you recall in past years I have always dropped off parts and picked them up when they were ready. This past year it seemed that almost every part was a super rush job and you came through every time. I look forward to 2013. We have some really special Rolls-Royces that we will be working on and we’ll be proud to have you do the re-chroming.”
Jeff Minogue

“Our only choice for a flawless plating job is The Finishing Touch. Mark has been working with us for the past 15 years on all of our high end and concours restorations. Our clients have won many awards at competition shows because The Finishing Touch puts the frosting on the cake!”   
Ralph Morey – Restorations Unlimited

“After restoring classic automobiles for 42 years, we have finally found a chrome plater that takes pride in their work.  At The Finishing Touch Inc., detail is their key to perfection.”
Jerry Boothe – Automobile Restoration Company

“Whenever I need perfect chrome plating on pot metal for a steering wheel restoration, I send it to The Finishing Touch. The results are always concours quality.”   
Dennis Crooks – Quality Restorations Inc.

“I have been restoring and custom building high end quality cars and trucks for over 40 years.  I found Mark at The Finishing Touch 25 years ago in 1987. He has been my only source since that time. I have tried every main shop in America over the years but they simply do not compare. Mark tells me over and over I am the pickiest customer he has ever seen, yet he has never given up trying to please me and my perfectionistic addiction. His stainless work is the finest I have ever seen and I wrote the best selling book How to Restore Automotive Trim, although I do not even do it in house because his efficiency is way better then ours as he is a chrome and trim specialist and can concentrate on one main segment of the industry which has enabled him to perfect the art.”
Jeff Lilly

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